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Travel to Lombok

Have you ever wanted to go to Lombok? Lombok is a beautiful area located West of Indonesia. If you are knowledgeable about Indonesia, then you should know that it is within the vicinity of Bali. Bali and Lombok is simply divided by the Lombok strait and it has almost the same if not more untouched sceneries to offer.

What to See

Lombok is famous for its beautiful places . One of these is its beaches which takes you to paradise when you’re there. One of the most known areas is Tanjung A’an which is an place within the vicinity of Kuta Beach. Along the beach are people selling sarongs and coconuts which you can enjoy as you witness the waves and feel the sun on your skin.

And if that is not enough, you can also go to the beautiful Narmada Park. This is a Hindu temple with a swimming pool. If you desire to relax in a harmonious atmosphere, then this is the place for you. Entrance is affordable which is only about Rp 10,000 for foreigners and Rp 4,000 for locals. If you visited Lombok to witness the people then this may be the best place to see its natives have fun with each other.

But if you desire to witness Lombok’s culture, then the bestlocation to be in is Desa Sukarana or Sukarana village. Here, you will witness the locals doing their weaving and you can even buy their goods at a cheaper price in comparison with Sengigi.

Lombok Activities

Lombok is a perfect location to be one with nature. It is a best location for daring stuff such as scuba diving, surfing, fishing, biking and trekking. Aside from these, you can also relax as you savor the sounds of nature. Local women provide massage services which is usually located near your lodging.

Lombok Lodging

You will find that a cheap hotel in Lombok is very easy to find. In fact, there are lots of them in the area. Locations like Kuta have cheap hotels everywhere. This is the reason why the place is very popular with younger or eco-friendly crowds. Other locations where you can chance upon a cheap hotel in Lombok are in the Cakranegara or Sweta area. Hotel murah di Lombok is the best accommodation you can get in Lombok.

But if you are not on the lookout for a cheap hotel, then you should go north of the airport around the Senggigi strip. There are also some resort hotels in Tanjung. You can also rent villas with staff similar to Bali. Prices of these villas can range from 0-00 a night. But it is worth it if you want a place that is private.

If you are out of ideas on where to stay, then you can use the Internet to search for a cheap hotel in Lombok. There are various websites which can show you the price range. This is great especially if you have a some amount of money arranged.

So if you want a unique adventure or you simply want an escape from your job and enjoy nature, then Lombok is the perfect location for you. Popular for being called the ‘Unspoiled Bali’, it can offer you rich nature and culture while giving you some luxurious alone time and unforgettable experiences.

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