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Ways to get rid of love handles

For quite a while now, many of us still long for the one hundred percent perfect body of man and woman, most especially the ones that are devoid of love handles. In this article we'll discuses how to get rid of love handles once and for all and break some common myths.

There are people searching to get rid of fats that are located on the belly side and back. These belly fats are consider unattractive to a lot of people. Not to mention, the exercises to get rid of them are difficult to find too. Although, there are routine exercises that are good for working other parts of body, but they are not for eliminating the love handles.

These exercises increase the overall metabolic rate and will eventually lead to the reduction of the unwanted love handles. People say that bending on the sides, stretching on one side while holding weights on the opposite side will do the trick but this is wrong.

The reason is because, these are fats that are located on top of our muscles. Doing exercises will speed up metabolism but it will do more harm than good. It is because your muscle will get bigger and the love handles will become more noticeable.

The best solutions to this dilemma are to engage oneself to a routine fitness exercise and indulge in low calorie diet. The exercise should be performed not to specifically remove the love handles but to enhance the cardiovascular system and build lean muscle mass eliminating and burning the fats.

So when lean muscle mass is increase, it will increase the amount of calories burned. And through the burning of calories, it eventually lead to reduced body fats. Thus, love handles are being eliminated.

When metabolism is improved, the love handles will shrink faster as compared to doing several exercises for longer time. And other fatty area of our body will also be reduced.

This is achieved by working out with the use of lighter weights, about 80% of maximum weights regularly used. This allows you body to remain lean and toned which is opposite to creating a bulky physique, similar to a weight-lifter. Increased metabolic rate is enhanced by cardio exercises like running, cycling and the use of elliptical machines. This will make the workouts able to burn more calories efficiently.

There are no fixed and quick exercises to getting rid of love handles but with the performance of cardio workout to increase the build-up of lean muscle, speeding up the metabolism will allow more calories to be burned reducing fats in the body including the love handles.

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